Kru Pot-Owner & Head Trainer

Age: 35
Fights: 200+

Kru Pot is our head trainer here at PhuketKing Muay Thai. Kru Pot is a highly respected and well known trainer. He is originally from Trang.

Kru Pot started Muay Thai at 11years of age. He originally become involved in Muay Thai as he wanted to follow in his father’s footsteps. He quickly realised how much he loved the sport and it soon became his passion. Kru Pot has had quite an established fighting career starting off with 70 fights in Southern Thailand. During his time fighting in Southern Thailand between the ages of 11-15, Kru Pot won the Southern Thailand Championship Belt twice with 80 and 85 points.

At 15 years of age Kru Pot moved to Bangkok to further is fighting career where he trained at Looktapagard Gym. He remembers vividly the owner was from the Army and had a very regimented way of running the gym something that was slightly different from his time in Southern Thailand. During his time in Bangkok Kru Pot fought at Lumpinee and Rajadamnern Stadiums and also on Channel 3. Kru Pot quickly earnt his place as one of the top ten fighters at both stadiums with 128 and 130 points.

Kru Pot has fought many of the top names in Muay Thai including Buakaw twice, Watcharatchai from Kauwsamrit Gym, Phet Namae twice winning both times, Nonthachai from Sit-O Gym and Kong Pee Pop from Petchyindee Gym. Kru Pot has also trained and clinched with Saenchai. His most memorable fight was his fight against Watacharatchai who was a Lumpinee Champion at the time and Kru Pot won this fight beating the Champion.

Kru Pot in his early years was taught to perfect his push kick and kicks and these quickly became his strongest weapons. However when he moved to Bangkok Kru Pot quickly had to adapt and change his fighting style. During his fighting years in Bangkok he was taught if you are the stronger fighter, if you look stronger, then you will win. With these teachings in mind Kru Pot quickly perfected the art of clinching and has become very well known for is clinching skills.

Kru Pot became a trainer after his fighting years as his love and passion for Muay Thai was still in his blood- once a fighter, always a fighter. He is extremely passionate about passing on his knowledge and spreading the love for the sport. As a trainer Kru Pot believes that the ultimate goal is for the student to become better than their trainer. With this belief in mind nothing makes Kru Pot happier than seeing his students progress and perfecting the techniques he has taught them. Kru Pot has previously been voted several times as one of the Top Ten Trainers in Phuket from various local Magazines.

If you wish to learn from the best especially when it comes to clinching you will not find a better trainer. Kru Pot is also certified from Kru Sanae Tubtimthong whom is the Grand Master of Kru Muay Thai Association to teach and certify Level 1- Level 8 for Muay Thai Fighters and Trainers.

Kru Pot welcomes everyone to come and train with him and his team at PhuketKing Muay Thai.



Kru Lai-Senior Trainer

Age: 37
Fights: 189

Kru Lai is originally from Krabi Province and started Muay Thai at 9 years of age. He started Muay Thai purely because of the love he had for the sport and it is this love that makes him continue as a trainer, passing his knowledge on to students of all levels and ages.

Kru Lai is a highly respected trainer having also taught internationally in China and Australia. Kru Lai’s strengths are kicks and knees and this definitely shows through in his training.




Kru Beet- Trainer and Stength & Conditioning Coach

Age: 24
Fights: 80+

Kru Beet is originally from Chiang Mai and started Muay Thai at 8 years of age. He originally started Muay Thai to provide financially for is family and his love for the support developed from there. Kru Beet has fought at Songjet and Lumpinee stadiums and has won the Northern Championship belt twice.

Kru Beet has recently graduated from university with a degree in Sports Science and Health, therefore he is our main trainer that runs the body fitness and strength and conditioning side of our group classes. Kru Beet’s strength is knee’s and fitness.




Kru Toon- Trainer & Fighter

Age: 21
Fights: 163

Kru Toon is our youngest member of our team originally from Trang. He started Muay Thai at the age of 10 just for fun as the stadium was next door to his family home. Kru Toon quickly fell in love with the sport and had is first fight after only 4 months of training. Kru Toon has gone on to obtain an almost perfect fight record and continues to be an active fighter for the gym.

Kru Toon has won the Koh Samui Champions Tournament twice as well as the Southern Jakawan Champion Belt at 123lbs. He has fought at Lumpinee and Rajadamnern Stadiums and also on channels 7, 3, 11 and 5. Kru Toon’s most memorable fights have been against Tep NaKhon with whom he has fought 6 times, winning 5 of these. Kru Toon’s strength is technique and boxing and is still actively fighting for the gym.



Kru Lek- Trainer & Fighter

Age: 24
Fights: 110

Kru Lek is originally from Trang and started Muay Thai at 8 years of age. He started Muay Thai to support his family financially, but like most of our trainers his love for Muay Thai developed from there which has lead him to also start focusing more on the training side of things. Kru Lek is still actively fighting.

Kru Lek has fought at Lumpinee and Rajadamnern Stadiums as well as on channels 7 and 9.  Kru Lek came third in the Lumpinee TKO Championships. His most memorable fight was at Rajadamnern Stadium against Lek NaKohSi where he won by Head Kick KO in the 2nd round. This fight catapulted Kru Lek’s name within Muay Thai in Thailand. Kru Lek’s strength is knees.