You are welcome to join our classes. Classes are open to all levels from beginners through to advanced, students participating for fitness through to elite level fighters.

Classes run 3 times per day, 6 times per week- Monday through to Saturday. Class times are as follows:


Classes vary from day to day but a typical group class will include:


Muay Thai sparring, boxing sparring, Muay Thai technique, clinching and group fitness are also included in our group classes dependent on the daily schedule.

Group runs are every Tuesday and Saturday. These start from the gym at approx. 7.20am before the morning class. Routes and distances vary and everyone is welcome to join and run at their own pace. *Please note fighters are expected to run daily.



Private Lessons

Private one on one training sessions are available Monday through to Saturday. These sessions are for 1 hour and are a fantastic way to better a particular technique, work on power and fitness or focus on personal goals. Please contact us if you wish to organize a private lesson with one of our trainers.